Tabitha Brownstone (born 29 November) is an American actor, writer, and comedian from Los Angeles. 

She began her film career in Tony Scott’s film Domino (2005) playing a young Keira Knightly, she has since starred in many other projects, including film, television, commercials, and live theatrical plays and musicals. 

Tabitha co-created, and is the lead of the series, FICKLE

Tabitha is a recognized Instagrammer, creating many character videos, comedic stories, and striking images. She is also a standup comedian who has performed across the country.


Tabitha was born and raised in Los Angeles, finding acting at an early age. At six years old, Tabitha joined a stage performance group, performing musical numbers all over the West Coast for many years.

She first began acting at age 8, where she landed a role from one of her first auditions in the major motion picture Domino, directed by Tony Scott, playing a young Keira Knightly. Tony Scott said of Tabitha, “I get a kick out of working with kids, and especially enjoyed the scenes with Tabitha Brownstone, who portrays eight-year-old Domino. Tabitha was spunky and feisty. She felt like an extension of Keira [Knightly].”


Since beginning acting, Tabitha has worked on a multitude of feature films, television shows, series, and commercials.

 Some of her credits include Kajillionaire, Domino, Keith, The Middle, The Real O’Neals, a Marshalls campaign, and FICKLE.

FICKLE, a series Tabitha co-created with her writing partner, Leigh Joel Scott, is about Tracy-Lousie (played by Tabitha Brownstone), a 23 year old who fell from fame and fortune when she was kicked off of MTV’s “Teen Mom”. She co-created, produced, and co-wrote Seasons One and Two of FICKLE, which can be seen on YouTube.

Tabitha has a large presence on Instagram as a comedic actor. She is most known on Instagram for producing short videos, sketches, and character work. Some of her characters include;

-Stace, a Beverly Hills fashion blogger

-Kelly, a 13 year old vlogger

-Angry Gamer, a boyish video gamer

-Edith, an elderly woman who knows everything about Hollywood

She is also known for the quick wit and humor in her Instagram Stories. These range from rants about being at the grocery store, a live-production of a short film that could very well go to Sundance. Is she joking in her Instagram Stories? Are they real? The world may never know.

 She has already received much recognition for her efforts in standup comedy. Tabitha has been accepted into a multitude of standup comedy festivals, and has done shows all over Southern California. She can be seen at many clubs around Los Angeles pretty regularly, including, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Flappers Comedy Club, and The Ice House.


Since Covid had the world shut down until further notice, Tabitha decided to take everything online. Her character, Edith (@EdithPresents), who had previously just had her very own show at the Dynasty Typewriter theatre in Los Angeles, began doing daily live shows, where she held "Master Classes in the Art of Stardom" teaching many students (including Marisol Nichols, Taylor Tomlinson, Jade Pettyjohn, Byron Bowers, Nick Thune, Sasha Spielberg, and many, many more). Edith gained popularity quickly and continues to hold weekly Master Classes for her many dedicated students and fans.